Key Hanger

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Key Hanger

We will create a simple and very convenient housekeeper with remote controls.


We need: – felt; – for key chain; – pins (pins costume jewellery); – threads, needles; – glue (best option: Hot air and glue to it) – Velcro (small pieces). Another name – hairy zipper, Velcro tape; – the key itself. Cut two circles with a diameter of 4 cm of felt: one is for the face – skin colour (we call this layer “face”), the other is for hair – select desired colour (let’s call this layer “hair”).


A few stitches embroider face. Cut the felt stylish haircut


Fold layers of felt, in order: hair, embroidered face, hairstyle


Cut off a small piece of Velcro tape – about 2.5 cm in length. Take Costume jewellery pin.


Glue a pin on the back of the hair, so that the ring pin peeped. Glue on top of one of the pin-and-loop tape. I recommend to stick to the fob piece of tape with roughened surface. If you select a part of Micro-, keychain will continue to cling to clothing items and bring a lot of inconvenience. Glue face and hairstyle, make a small bow and also glue it. Just pick one stick. Think over the design of the house.


You can create a lock, you can make a copy of your home – fantasy is not limited. In our home, we cut from felt two parts: for the house and roof.


sewn to one of the parts house window with shutters. Sew parts together obmetochnym seam. For durability it is possible (but not required) to insert into the home base of the cardboard.


It should be less than the basic parts to a depth stitch



Done! This fun housekeeper will save you from a long search for the key, and you or your family ever since the doors will know that your child is at home.



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