Key holder making

Key holder makingCourtesy: Dipti's Creation.Material used1) wooden plank.2) ceremic powder.3) Acrylic colors.4) sand.5) glue6) water as required.7) fevicryl

Key holder making

Courtesy: Dipti’s Creation.


Material used
1) wooden plank.
2) ceremic powder.
3) Acrylic colors.
4) sand.
5) glue
6) water as required.
7) fevicryl shilpkar.
8) artificial articles for decoration such as bells and ganpati idol.. 2

1) take a regular wooden plank… And attach some key holders to it with the help the help of carpenter.. Though I did it myself.


need to make a paste of ceremic powder, fevicol and water like you see it in the picture.. Not too runny not too thick… And spread on the plank with the help of spoon..


It should look like this.. Let it dry overnight.


with the help of fevicryl shilpkar ( it’s actually M-Seal white one) made these leaves.


stick these leaves either sides with fevicol.. Let it dry completely before jumping to next step..?? Patience is key to success..


next is you guys need sand and fevicol .. Apply fevicol on the remaining white area and sprinkle sand on it..

8 (1)

like this and dust away the remaining sand from it.. By picking up plank so that sand will fall..


It looks this way.. Again for better results let it dry.. By this time when it’s drying you can do the next step to save time..


paste made from ceremic powder, fevicol and water… Just the consistency of MEHANDI paste… Not too thick.. And make a plastic cone..


fill the cone with the paste and pack it..


now as the sand would be dry enough… We can start working on it… Let your creative mind work here.. Make designs whichever you like..


I made circles..


It looks like this.. smile emoticon let it dry completely before colouring it…


start painting the leaves with desired colors.. I have used metallic and pearl fabric colors…


color it plain black remaining area..


it should be like this.. smile emoticon wait for it to dry ..


use metallic colors to dry brush the designs to give this effect..


stick idol of ganpati on leaf.. And attach bells if you like.


keyholder is ready.

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