fabric painting with vegetables

How to do fabric painting with vegetables

This project is a quick and easy way to get stuck into printing. It’s brilliant for children and just as

Kids friendly drawings

Kids friendly drawings

Kids friendly drawings

How to make mermaid tutu dress

This is probably my favorite tutu dress I have ever made. It takes a little longer than most of the

How to sew a ruffle dress

I saw a tutorial for a 20 minute ruffle dress and stored it in my internal memory book for if

Embroidered eyes for the dolls

In case you are just joining in on my doll-making journey, my goal is to create a classic 1930-40’s style

dog from plastic bags

How to make dog from plastic bags

For those who like to do is not very common e handicrafts from used materials offer to sew cute dog

How to make carnival mask

I propose to you today a DIY very easy to realize with your children, a mask bird colorful paper. To

How to make pompom matriochka doll

Today, we put Russia in the spotlight on the blog! And I propose to you to realize with me these

showcase for kinder

How to make showcase for “kinder”

It’s time to make it your home! No plans, drawings, ideas. But when the hands start to do, the head

How to make mat for kids

I want to share with you the idea embodied by experience. Maybe someone does seem interesting. For the manufacture of

“changing faces” man for kids

How to made “changing faces” man for kids

How to made “changing faces” man for kids o make one, you need: Two sizes of cardboard tubes – one

paper plate clock

How to make a paper plate clock

Make a fun craft that will help your kids learn all you need to know about telling time: a paper

seashell peacock

How to make seashell peacock

Today I am sharing another kids craft,  a seashell peacock… Materials Needed: Blue, dark blue, orange, white, and black play-dough

children's party

Creative ways to serve at the children’s party

Budget-friendly ideas for children’s birthday party menus will save you money  

printing in easy way

How to do printing in easy way

  Use fruits and vegetables to create exciting prints on paper or fabric. Make fun random prints or combine them