Knitting baby booties

Knitting baby booties

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Knitting baby booties

The scheme of knitting, photos and a detailed description of knitting pinetok  for kids.


Booties – one of the most popular items that mothers want to knit for the kids. Pinetok is a kind of boots which mothers used to knit for their piece of heart.
Now booties are a reflection of style and originality.  You can find a lot of interesting options of this product as a knitting and crochet.


Yarn used to knit garter scheme. (white thread). Here is the drawing pattern.

3 4

Dial circle sole loop so that the toe was on the 18 loops on the two lateral spokes on the loop 21 (of 60petel)

5 6


1 row (pink thread) -all face (60P)

8 (1)

2ryad (white thread) – 1izn 1 noose removed from nakida etc. in a circle. 3ryad (pink thread) – 1izn 1 persons (nakida together with a loop), etc. circle Repeat 2 and 3 rows 6 more times.

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16 series (white thread) – 15 people with 2 vm.lits perekidy (repeat 15raz), 15 persons. (just 45p) 17 series (white thread) – 45 PHI. 18 series (pink thread) – 45 persons. 19 series (pink thread) – 45 PHI. 20 series (white thread) – 45 persons. 21 series (white thread) – 45 PHI

9 10 11 12 13

Strap. Dial on a spoke 20 loops (10 on each side of the seam)


1ryad – 20 persons 2ryad – 20lits 3ryad – 20lits + 20nabrat further


Then knit in garter stitch, do not forget to make a hole for the buttons. The second tie strap mirror.


Decorate. Decorations do myself. Good luck!

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