Kusudama poppies made of paper

Kusudama poppies made of paper

Kusudama poppies made of paper

flower consists of 5 elements. one module “lily” green paper size 10cm.
Two modules red or pink (approximate to the color of the poppy petals) Size 9cm.
, and middle,. consists of two modules made ​​as a module “super bowl”. one black (6cm) and yellow (5 cm).Make modules for “super bowl”, only a shortened version – not turning the unit inside.


My kusudamka turned 14 flowers. I did stick together. first 4tsvetka I glued in the form of a dagger on sticks for cleaning the ears without fleece. and then a circle…… in the process of gluing in some places were ugly emptiness that I masked “bud”. it consists of 1zelenogo module and one red (from 5cm squares, middle, like a flower made from the “Super Bowl” in the form of inside) is a link to an excellent MK stranamasterov.ru/technics/supershere
particularly diligent masters for plausibility can bud issue besides red “flower” and make the middle of a black and yellow for large flower 


These are the modules for flower.
yellow module is inserted into the black.
note – in black module sharp little tips I Do not bend, and yellow bent (so believable it turns out)


Now we show for those who do not know how to make a module lily.Square bend diagonally on both sides


that’s it. (for clarity)


then turn and bend like that. should get a “mountain” and “valleys” bulges and hollows. do basic module “double square”


here we go. then fold the corners to the middle, with four sides.


here we go. then open and fold in to get pocket.


open and finger inside. turn blank, like a diamond.


Here’s a diamond. Now perelestnem


here we go. and


now is the most distinctive of the lily operation -Need outline border width and petal – Fold the corners of a millimeter to 2, leaving as much as possible petal.


holding fingers side bends and pulls the pocket presses midway. repeat so on 4 sides. In this photo I have sharp little little corners have already been cut (mixed up the order of the photo). See explanations sl.foto.


scheduled for eye or handle izgibchik petals and cut with scissors. result of circumcision look at the previous photo. (You can bend the edges, but in this version seemed to me that the petals become almost natural curve))


turn over the workpiece


Out of the corner and the bottom panel as thin as possible. do so on 4 sides.


for comparison – the bottom of the Well, that’s all … You’re all glued together, take a picture and put in petals with sharp little, and above modernized under poppy petal.


reveal both the module and that’s what’s the difference turned out.


both halves of the flower and the green part of the glue, prepare flower at the center, to tighten up internal and external leaves inside out.


now do buds. to mask holes in the bonded kusudamke. and it is possible to wind…..dandelions and rosy flowers and get a bunch of field flowers. I think it will be very original


Well, that’s all … You’re all glued together


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