Lamp made with bottles

Lamp made with bottles

Lamp made with bottles

From now encourage to recycle all plastic bottles as you can, because with this material you will be able to make an original and beautiful lamp, ideal for placing in any room; this fun lamp made ​​with bottles of plastic is the perfect project for an afternoon of crafts.

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You will need:

  • Plastic 10 bottles.
  • Plastic cage to focus.
  • Plastic strips.
  • Scissors.


Eliminates the bottom of the bottles (the base) and cut into strips bottle up to the top (as shown in the picture).

Place the bottles on the outside of the cage to focus, for this use the plastic bands: Place 1 to 2 plastic strips on each side of the mouth of the bottle and adhiérela to the cage.

When you put all the bottles, be sure to arrange them so that you can open and close the cage easy to place the focus. Then trim the excess plastic bands have been.


Thus already have ready a lamp decorated with plastic bottles, an original way of using recycling products for utilitarian and decorative objects.



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