Lampshade with butterfly

Lampshade with butterfly


You will need:

  • round lampshade old lamp with 2 circles.
  • pliers,
  • scissors,
  • decorative chain (in stores for the construction, artists or crafts)
  • spray with silver paint – 2.49
  • thin marker – 0.50
  • silver wire – 9m 0.99 per skein
  • transparent plastic material – 2.10 per sheet


now draw or find on the internet or magazine suitable butterfly (it could be something else – a cloud, bird, flower). Cover with a sheet of plastic and drawing encircle it on a path marker. Repeat this as many times as you want butterflies in their lamp. Then cut them. Some butterflies can fill spray of the same color – they will stand out from the crowd and even more that particular color will blend with your interior, which is already present in this tone, will shine and sparkle when the sun peep into the room. With the help of the same pair of pliers and wire attach chains to the butterflies on the one hand and on the other to the lampshade.

The lamp is ready, we can only attach it to the ceiling. When you open the window and let the fresh breeze, a flock of butterflies come to life, and with the same aerosol Settle butterflies wherever your heart desires – on furniture, candle holders, photo frames, mugs.