Latest blouse back neck design

Calling all saree lovers! I have a question… What do you think is most important, when it comes to looking great in a saree? Agreed, there are quite a few aspects, like these.

Yet, the integral question remains – what is ‘the’ key aspect? Is it your personal style and fitness? Or does the real beauty lie in the ‘drape’ and fabric? Or, is the saree blouse most important?

Well, if you ask me – blouse really is the winner! An ill-fitting, badly cut blouse looks tacky, and a faded, ill-matched one will take away a saree’s (and wearer’s) entire grace. Ever heard the story – how pretty a bridal lehenga was, but a strange choli robbed the expensive wedding outfit of its beauty!! Truly, it’s not only the sarees – formal weddings sarees or office-wear sarees – but also the lehenga that benefit a great deal from pretty, well-stitched blouses or cholis.

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