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Latest mangalsutra designs

20 Latest Mangalsutra Designs That Are Perfect For The Modern Bride

If you are getting married soon and are looking for the perfect Mangalsutra to seal the deal with, then here are 20 latest Mangalsutra designs that you must totally check out!

Latest Mangalsutra Designs

Ask any number of married women what their most prized possession is and chances are high that most of them will have the same answer – their Mangalsutra. A Mangalsutra is not just a sacred thread that is a sign of marriage. It is much more than that for a woman. It is a token of love and commitment, and thus every woman pays utmost attention to detail when picking a perfect Mangalsutra for herself.

The significance of Mangalsutras is such that even millennial brides happily and readily wear them. Of course, with times changing, Mangalsutra designs have changed a great deal too. They no longer consist of a gold pendant set between a string of black and gold beads. There are so many latest Mangalsutra designs in the market these days, and modern brides are spoilt for choice.

If you are going to be married soon and want to pick a perfect Mangalsutra for yourself which resonates with your style and personality while embracing tradition in the best possible way, then you are at the right place. Check out these 21 amazing and latest Mangalsutra designs and take your pick!

Celeb inspiration:

Latest Mangalsutra Designs


In a country, as obsessed with Bollywood and celebrities as ours, it is just good measure to bring in some good ol’ inspiration from the stars themselves. Last year, three of our most gorgeous B-Town divas tied the knot and their Mangalsutras designs were out of this world.

1. Deepika Padukone
Just like her personality, Deepika Padukone’s Mangalsutra design was nothing but elegance personified. A very simple yet stunning design with a Solitaire resting between a tiny chain of black beads, Deepika’s Mangalsutra was a treat to the eyes. If you are a bride who plans on wearing her Mangalsutra a lot, this is definitely something to be inspired by.

2. Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor is the undisputed fashionista of Bollywood who is known for her offbeat and quirky style. The diva incorporated her quirk into her mangalsutra too, when she got a customized Mangalsutra made with her and her husband Anand Ahuja’s Zodiac symbols. If you want to do something special with your Mangalsutra design too, then personalization is the way to go.

3. Priyanka Chopra
Our very own Desi Girl got married to American singing sensation Nick Jonas and stunned everybody with oh-so-pretty wedding looks. But what was most special about her married look was her extraordinary Mangalsutra design. It was a beautiful blend of tradition with modernity, and we loved it to bits.

Now that we have given you some much-needed celebrity inspiration, here are some of the other latest Mangalsutra designs that we think you will love.

Traditional with a touch of modern:

Latest Mangalsutra Designs

These latest Mangalsutra designs are just perfect for the brides who want to embrace their culture but with a little touch of modernity, just like Priyanka Chopra’s gorgeous Kundan necklace. Check them out.

1. Peacock Motifs

Latest Mangalsutra Designs

There is something so beautiful and graceful about a peacock motif and this stunning diamond-studded Mangalsutra design is proof of that. It is the quintessential Indian design for the modern bride.

2. Diamond Galore

Latest Mangalsutra Designs

We call this a no-fuss design. It has been around for a while and it is just soothing to the eyes. Opt for this Mangalsutra design if you want to wear it only on special occasions as it is a little heavy for daily wear.

3. Delicacy Personified

Latest Mangalsutra Designs

Not sure if you want a gold pendant in your Mangalsutra or a diamond one? Well, this beautiful mix-and-match Mangalsutra with a delicate design is a great option for you!

4. Floral Glory

Latest Mangalsutra Designs

There is nothing as impressive and regal as gold and this stunning floral Mangalsutra design has our heart. It is not your regular blingy gold which is too in the face. It is subtle and soothing to the eyes in a perfect way.

5. Starry Night

Latest Mangalsutra Designs

Diamonds sure are a girl’s best friend and if you are a firm believer in this then this beautiful Mangalsutra design is calling out to you. The Marquise-cut diamonds placed in a cluster of sorts are simply breathtaking.

6. Simple yet Stunning

Latest Mangalsutra Designs

Nothing but diamonds and only diamonds for a Queen. This stunning Mangalsutra design consisting of 11 Solitaire diamonds in varying sizes will definitely make you stand out from the crowd every time you step out wearing it.

7. Chic and elegant:

Latest Mangalsutra Designs

Are you someone who plans on wearing her Mangalsutra a lot, maybe even all the time? Well then, these trendy and latest Mangalsutra designs are your best bets. They are super gorgeous, delicate and will look amazing with both Indian and Western dresses. What else could you ask for, right?

8. Solitaire Magic

Latest Mangalsutra Designs

If you are a huge fan of Deepika Padukone’s stunning and elegant Mangalsutra design then well, we found something similar for you that you might like. We know we do!

9. Sheer Elegance

Latest Mangalsutra Designs

Oh yes, this is definitely the chicest Mangalsutra design we have ever seen. The tiny diamond in the centre with those two black beads make it a unique design that people will not be able to take their eyes off of.

10. Two Bodies, One Soul

Latest Mangalsutra Designs

This is one of our personal favourites from the list. Marriage is all about being each other’s soulmates and that is exactly what this stunning Mangalsutra design depicts.

11. Seven Vows

Latest Mangalsutra Designs

Seven rounds of the sacred fire, seven vows and one gorgeous diamond for every vow is what makes this beautiful and elegant Mangalsutra design even more special.

12. Tiny Trinkets

Latest Mangalsutra Designs

This pretty choker style Mangalsutra is so delicate and so cute, you can easily pull off any look with this one.

12. Personalised Love

Latest Mangalsutra Designs

Make your Mangalsutra design a little special and personalize it according to you. You can one with your and your husband’s initials, your husband’s name, both your names, your wedding date or anything that holds significance to you. Cool, right?

Bracelet Mangalsutra:
Looking at the latest Mangalsutra designs without admiring the beauty of Mangalsutra bracelets is impossible. These are the newest rage among millennial brides and we can totally see what the hype is all about!

1. Easy Breezy

Latest Mangalsutra Designs

Don’t think you can do wearing a Mangalsutra every day? Well, Mangalsutra bracelets have you covered. This is one of our favourites from the list simply because of how tasteful it looks.

2. Trendy but Traditional

Latest Mangalsutra Designs

If you think that the black beads are the essence of a Mangalsutra design but cannot wear a Mangalsutra all day, every day, then this beautiful bracelet design can be a great substitute for you. Oh and do not miss the matching Mangalsutra-style ring in the picture. Breathtakingly beautiful, isn’t it?

3. Infinity And Beyond

Latest Mangalsutra Designs

A marriage is a sacred bond of love, a match that is made forever and ever and this Mangalsutra bracelet design is a perfect depiction of that.

4. Some Spiritual Magic

Latest Mangalsutra Designs

They say that keeping a spiritual or religious item close to your body gives out good vibes and peace of mind. Well, what can be better than incorporating your religious beliefs into your Mangalsutra design then? Nothing!

5. Charm Bracelet

Latest Mangalsutra Designs

Sonam Kapoor got a personalized Mangalsutra made with her and Anand’s Zodiac symbols adorning the design as charms. The concept looks great on a bracelet style Mangalsutra design too. What say?

All these designs are equally beautiful and we love them all. You can go ahead and pick the one that speaks to you!

courtesy: weddingwire

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