Learn to embroider with beads

Learn to embroider with beads

Learn to embroider with beads


Beads can be included in almost any known seam, but most often in beadwork used arched seam (“back needle”), as well as joint couched stitch technique.

Securing a single bead


Bead you can simply sew a stitch to the fabric, and can be used bead smaller, to get a small bar. Instead, the bottom can be inserted beads sequins. To surround sewing column can be of two or more beads. Very nice look beads of different colors and different sizes, sewn one by one close to each other. They can be placed inside the metal pieces, inside the outline of contrasting beads or cause chaotic scattering of the canvas, creating bright spots on embroidery.


Seam “forward needle”


seam “forward needle” familiar to us even from school to school work. Why not decorate it with beads? Bring the needle on the front side, string on her bead and pass the needle through the fabric close to the bead. Again, print on the front side of the needle, make a small stitch on the wrong side again nanizhite bead.


Horizontal seam


This seam performance can be similar as the seam “forward needle”, and the sewing couched stitch technique – you variruete distance between the beads. If you want to give your embroidery stiffness or fix the beads on a straight line or a smooth winding, after completion of the stitch needle go in the opposite direction, then the beads will stand straighter.


Seam stalked

8 (1)

With this method of sewing embroidery becomes quite tight. Type 2 beads and pass the needle through the fabric inside out around the second bead. Bring the needle on the front of the first and second beads, go through the hole of the second beads. Nanizhite third bead and pass the needle back on the underside near the newly strung beads. Continue until you reach the desired length of line.


Seam arched (“back needle”)


In the execution of similar to the previous stitch on the needle only 2-4 strung beads. In this method of sewing beads arranged more freely, embroidery a less rigid.

To arched seam tougher, we can not go back to one, and two or three beads.


Couched stitch technique seam


For sewing couched stitch technique beads strung on a thread at first, which is then sewn to the fabric short stitches between the beads. Sewing couched stitch technique allows you to quickly make products from beads, Native Americans is not by chance given to this method of sewing the name of “lazy wife.” Place the thread with beads on cloth. Another thread sew lowest beads through each bead (see. Figure) or 2-3 beads:


Seam “Monastic”


At every stitch on the front side of a strung beads, made ​​a diagonal stitch and thread to the underside of leaves close to the bead. On the underside is a vertical stitch, the thread goes back to the front side and is one more diagonal stitch with beads. Thus, the front side of the diagonal stitches are obtained strung with beads of them, and on the wrong side stitches vertical:


Seam obmetochny


seam is performed as an ordinary, and each top eyelet is inserted beads:

The beads can be inserted in almost all known joints. Do not be afraid to dream!
In the following topics we will continue to learn bead work !!!

Courtesy: efachka.ru

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