Origami lily


In today’s IC manufacturing want to offer you a lily using the technique of origami. This is probably the most interesting technique from all that are in needlework. The whole process is associated only with the folding of paper from different territories, and as a result without using scissors and glue turns out very beautiful flower. For the manufacture of a lily, we need: 1 sheet of paper (I took the pink xerox paper), and your diligent and curious pen. It is best to do a flower at the table. Fold and press down all the edges of the future of the flower on the table, so effective. Take a sheet and folded one top edge, make a square out of it. Extra strips slightly lower tear or cut with scissors at will. Fold the square in half on both sides, and diagonally.


Make a triangle by bending two opposite sides of a square inside. Put the resulting triangle piece-edge to the top of his own.
Bend one side to himself, holding the other fingers and push it to the table to have turned out like tip hoarding or arrows. Do so with the rest of the remaining sides. The two lower lower edge formed diamond bend to the top. Then take the top corner from us and bend it to the bottom, even with a lower angle. Press the space curve. Expand your bottom tip to the bend and bend lines formed diamond to the top. You will again rhombus, though smaller. Do this for all parties to the future of the flower.


After this, bend down all got diamonds, and with each of the four sides you will have an equilateral diamond. Turn it piece-edge to itself and two lower side bend toward the center of the diamond. Do this for all four diamonds. Take a pen or dull side of scissors, and, holding the edge of your blank piece-angle start to turn down, twisting slightly to himself, four petals of a flower.