Linear swirling soap

Linear swirling soap


This workshop is designed for experienced soap-boiler, able to work with multiple colors. 1. On the small track flavoring mixture, pour off half and divide it into 2 parts in small containers where add dyes. 2. Linear Technology swirl is layered filling. First, create a drawing with two colors, which will be on the underside of the soap.


3. Pour a layer of white soap, using about ½ or ¾ of the mixture.

4. Make a horizontal colored lines, so they got into a neutral color.


5. Try to fill so that the lines were close, but not on top of each other. At the end make a couple of lines of neutral colors for contrast. The more filled the form, the closer to the surface it is necessary to keep the glasses from which you pour the soap to create clearer lines.

6. Take a thin silicone spatula, and slide it vertically up and down. Make sure that gets to the bottom of the spatula shape.


7. Use a thin skewer swirl, making it eight or rings. Remember, the more you make the manipulation, the more you mix colors and reduces the degree of contrast. 8. Tap a form on the table to remove air bubbles formed, insulated and do not remove the soap from the mold sooner than 48 hours. To do this, slowly pull the partition.


See how to change the color of red Mica Cellini, turned orange. I like it!


This is one of my favorite ways besides mixing method “in the pan.” I have heard that many people do not manage to swirl. Believe me, it’s not that hard! Most importantly, to work with the very weight of the liquid soap and use fragrances that are not accelerated track is good to know the behavior of their dyes in cold soap, and try, try, and try again.


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