Made lamps using mineral water bottles

Made lamps using mineral water bottles

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Made lamps using mineral water bottles

Courtesy: Prachi Surve

made lamps using mineral water bottles,jute thread and cold the procedure in pic itself..





First about lamps :–
1.I have used base portion of a bottle,
2.Hang those lamps using wires only n inside lamp there are mini bulb holder and i hv used LED low watt plastic bulbs which wont get heat up so its safe


Second about jute covering:–
1.I have used fevicol to wrap jute thread/string over it.
Third about dough:–
I really dnt know what to call this clay lamasa or cold porcelain??
i hvnt done any training for it,i tried first time,sharing with you what i did
100gm corn flour,(corn flour or corn starch use whatever is available),100 gm fevicol,2 tablespoon of vinegar,2 tablespoon of glycerin,all mixed in a glass bowl and heat up for 5 mins.


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courtesy———Prachi Surve

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