Made this lantern with waste newspapers

Made this lantern with waste newspapers

Made this lantern with waste newspapers

Courtesy: Aasavari Deshpande Kasralikar


First take a newspaper sheet and roll it from one of the corners as shown in the picture


Flaten the paper rolls and roll them around any rod or something like that to make circles. I have used a thread reel.


Arrange the circles like this.


Then to tie the circles together put small newspaper strips through one hole to another and stick thdm together tightly with glue.


Tie and join the circles horizontally and vertically too.


Make such four parts and color them with poster colors.


As it is made up of paper , poster colors are easy to paint on it and look good too.


Place four parts property. And first tie the corner circles with thread from one hole to another. Then to make it even stronger and firm tie it again in similar way with cello tape.


Color the threads so that it cant b seen. Further, decorate it in any way u want. I have used round Kundan.


lantern is ready..

lantern is ready..

Courtesy: Aasavari Deshpande Kasralikar


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