Magic gift box

Magic gift box

Magic gift box


If you decide to present at some holiday gift to their loved ones and want to surprise them, the magic box is the perfect solution! In this box lives small universe, you will see it open.
To create a box you will need the following materials and tools:

-scrap paper-thick, green color (the size of 30 cm by 30 cm)
-White watercolor paper (the size of 9.8 cm by 9.8 cm)
-Paper for scrapbooking Beautiful shiny pink (size 9.6 cm to 9 6 cm) – 5 squares
-Paper for scrapbooking pale pink (the size of 9.6 cm by 9.6 cm) – 4 square
-cushion green color
-“Butterfly” and paper butterflies white and pink
-“Heart” and the paper hearts
-“Leaves” and the paper leaves
-Plastic transparent strips (6 cm and 4 cm)
-(nylon tape, the tape in the form of leaves, flowers, rhinestones)

Cover for the box:
-White watercolor paper (20.3 cm by razmer20,3 cm)
-scrap-paper thick, green color (size 10 cm by 10 cm)
paper -skrap-dense, green color (size 2 cm by 10 cm ) – 4 strips of
tape -(100 cm)
-cord (6 cm)
in the form of heart –


Please take the scrap paper green color. On the reverse side of the draw a strip of 10 cm and 20 cm from each edge and cut corners of the square. Then make scoring on this scrap paper and fold it to get a box opens.


Next, we will work with white watercolor paper. To start all 5 squares zatoniruem using ink pad green color, then paste them into our boxes.
Now take the paper for scrapbooking Beautiful shiny pink. There should be 4 square. They should be glued on top of the glued ranee watercolor paper.

Then take a punch, “Butterfly” and a lot of butterflies nadyrokolim of white and pink paper. Please attach a butterfly on the side of our box. First glue completely white butterflies and glue them on top of pink so that the wings were not glued. On butterfly glue rhinestones.


Now we will prepare vyletayuschih butterflies. Take a transparent plastic strip. They can be cut out of a conventional plastic bottle. Fold the two edges a bit. Then, the first bent edge with adhesive tape is glued to the white butterfly. On top of the white glue butterfly pink butterfly and rhinestones. Bottom as glue pink butterfly. So did the rest of the butterfly. Then take the paper for scrapbooking pale pink color, do her incisions and stretching these cuts the second ends of the plastic sticks and glue them to the back of the tape.

Glue vyletayuschih butterflies paper to the bottom of the box and start decorating. First, around the perimeter glue satin ribbon, then three-dimensional flowers . Then take the punches “Heart” and “Leaves” Puncher leaves and hearts, and just paste them inside the box.


Who will prepare the cover boxes. Please take white watercolor paper and cut out the pattern cover. Bend it in the right places and glue. Then take a satin ribbon. Cut two identical pieces and glue on the cover crosswise. Then take a scrap of paper-green colour. The square is pasted inside the box, and small strips along the edges. Then take the remaining piece of satin ribbon tying a beautiful bow, which are able, through stretch waxed cord with a pendant and glue on top of the lid.


That’s all magic box is ready!

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