Magic lamp

Magic lamp

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Magic lamp


The text of the author.

Make Light Baroque I wanted for a long time. In the studio constantly catch sight of the drawers and boxes any little things on this subject: beads, cords, tassels … The final image does not add up, but intuition: “It is time to begin, think of something.” I tend to listen to it because I know for sure: there somewhere, “above”, the lamp is ready and the way to create it is open.

First, I collected materials similar in mood. Beautiful napkins with gold filigree pattern will be dominant in the work. I do not always get the first picture to imagine anything that would be used in the case, because, working on the creation of any piece of furniture, often have to shy away from the original version. So do not be surprised if you suddenly appear things not included in the original photo.


The basis of the lamp became flowerpots, brought his girlfriend as unnecessary – break off the bottom. A few months later, he literally “climb under the arm,” and I decided to paste over his papers, to make a form of technology of paper-mache.


Prior to that pot I did not have the experience or desire to engage in paper-mache – something in all this was not the work of a designer baby … some … I admit that was wrong. Firstly: it is not just sticking torn pieces of paper in the PVA layers one by one (the first two layers of glue necessary, wetting the newspaper with plain water). Repetitive actions for several hours soothe the brain – it’s like meditation. And how many ideas came under monotonous rhythm create a form for the light!


After the last layer is glued – and there I got eight – the form must be well dried – a few days. Then with a sharp knife, I cut it into two halves and painted them inside and outside the white acrylic paint. Further, the internal components of the future lamp painted over gold spray paint.


The next phase of work is quite tedious, but the result – very good. Using the technique of decoupage, paste the cloth with a gold pattern on a work piece. Figure I’m not cut out and tore pieces and stuck – first large fragment, then “finished off” by small pieces.


Further, it is necessary to drill small holes in order to skip them and to connect the cord fragments lamp together.


Viewed parallel with the cast.


It’s time to take the neck of the lamp. Piece of gold fabric has stuck I the upper part using a hot glue gun, on the edge of missed beige cord, and under it – a golden braid (also fixed the gun).


Along the lower edge of the lamp is necessary to glue the braid with a fringe and crystal tassels.


And now it’s time to figure out how to pass the light. Without thinking, I took a drill and began to drill a hole in the top of the luminaire. What happened, I did not like, and I drilled and drilled … a piece of paper torn drill, sloppy looking out of holes. Stop! I think I ruined everything … No, not all! You can seal the holes ugly beautiful pieces of glass!


Instantly dissolved braid with glass fringe and seal each hole of the appropriate size of the lens. I wonder how the light will now take place? In my workshop there on duty wire with a bulb – quickly built a stand and screw the lamp plugged in. What happened exceeded expectations. The light is soft, magical. Beautiful! Imagine how many different and unusual light fixtures can be done! That’s an incident! I love these days when coming up with something new.


And now, ladies and gentlemen, appears on the scene … snag! And she, too, has not been reported before. But light is necessary for something to fix – here it and we will. SnagIt relief: the shape and size is perfect for a lamp. Rump her first gold spray paint, and then – a fragment – black.


Glued to her flowers in gold and silver beads – quite appropriate and very beautiful!


It remains to be drilled in the top of driftwood hole screw to the wire and fasten it to the frame on which to hold the lamp and the lamp itself. I think this phase of work is necessary to instruct the men – they are good at it (I went that way).


Here’s a final result turned out – very good!


Now, turn on the light – magic lamp! Try: maybe get like, and can be quite different. In any case, I wish you the joy of creation!



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