How to make 3D gift card

Today I once again a little guide for you! It is a display, which is really a great way to introduce little things nice and give away.


transferred and cut out the template on card stock.

Trace the template Onto cardstock and cut out.

Fold at the markings.

Fold the lines.

Now, the side panels are adhered to the central part.

Glue left and rightside Onto the centerpiece.

Now the side panels are folded and glued to the back. Subsequently, the display is closed by the front portion is stuck to the side parts.

Fold up left and right side and glue them Onto the back part. You therefore have to fold up the front and glue it Onto the side elements.

So the finished display now looks:

This is how your display looks like right now:

You can decorate it as you wish. I opted for a garden version 

Now it’s time for decoration. I’ve chosen a garden version

Here’s a variation on a display of mine from 2008:

This is therefore to example for a display. 


thank you for reading..

courtesy: stempeleinmaleins

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