How to make 3D glitter card

Undoubtedly, to “recharge” the creative brain is always useful ideas for cards with their own hands. What is another trick invented by the master, what new and interesting ideas for cards with their hands appeared in the most creative mind, what secrets and techniques unusual use of simple objects realized in handmade greeting cards, how to make a postcard with your own hands quickly and easily if you are just starting to take the first steps in scrapbooking?

It would seem that the usual double sided tape on the foam basis. But it comes in many different forms, such as a square or round pads. How to apply this to an adhesive tape is not entirely on purpose, but as a background for handmade greeting cards, tell the master class on production of cards. As a decor does not require serious skills in scrapbooking, these cards can be made with the children!


We need a two-way cattle of different shapes, colorful glitter, base cards, the rest of the decor conceived cards, scissors.

So, take the form of an adhesive tape in the squares and the usual thin scotch tape.


We spread the background in the form of stripes, and between them the squares, remove the bottom protective layer from the adhesive tape and adhesive tape sticking to the base cards:


Remove the upper protective layer with squares. Remove protection alternately, in the correct order to open squares and fell asleep them glitter.



Once all squares are covered with sequins, remove the protective layer with the bands and go to sleep their transparent brilliance (or another color according to your idea).


We make a postcard remaining décor and you’re done!


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