How to make a balloon dog

balloon dog

You dear friends, Today we can learn to make a balloon dog in an easy and simple way with which we decorate different occasions and activities. 

We can make several and decorate with the figure of this cute and funny animal,reminiscent friend every day decorates more balloons will be a nice touch to put this puppy made of balloons

make a balloon dog

  • Pencil balloons in white colour, black, purple
  • Number 9 Balloons in black, white
  • balloons carnival or number 4 in blue
  • Inflater.
  • Black liner down.
1- Inflate four white balloons and give it the shape of a flower with four first two and then joins the other two, hence the entangled.

make a balloon dog

Place a small balloon blue in the middle.


Inflating four black balloons smaller than whites and place them on white balloons


A Continuation elaborate the dog’s body, make a small knot at the top of the balloon and we tied with a black pencil.


Inflate the balloon and so you stay with what we moored in the previous step and place it in black and white rose from the previous step.


Inflate black balloons and make a flower with four as above but bigger step, then placed on top and secure with the black pencil that subject.

make a balloon dog

Inflate the balloon and paint the points where will be placed ears and snout.


Now holding a white balloon with two knots black pencil and one in the center as seen in the image.


Inflate the balloon and so you stay, now stick it in the previous step which is the body of the dog.


pencil Inflate two balloons and bend as shown in the photo.

make a balloon dog

Continue like figure, tie with strips of black pencil dog’s ears

make a balloon dog

Inflate as a picture, for dog paws.


Glue the arms.

make a balloon dog

Now two small balloons inflate white and one smaller nose, paste on your face looks like, draw eyes.

make a balloon dog

Paint must aches and inflating a balloon last pencil black colour to the tail of the dog and ready !!!!

make a balloon dog


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