How to make a purse with applique

Make a purse with applique

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I suggest you make a purse with appliqué “rabbit in the window.” An easy to follow purse tutorial.

make a purse

make a purse

make a purse

First, cut out the various parts of the cloth, to see whether the proper colour match.

Curtains I was doing a three-dimensional, and it is a whim, is not it better to see a little bit? Body Background stitching is good, because it is very small, rabbit ears are more difficult to do, where only a few millimetre thin,



Concave part, to cut teeth mouth curved section should shrink joints, is not also find it very troublesome to see it? Love love have the patience to do Oh hidden stitch, stick to the position, the patch is the first part of the stick is held back. Dark blue clothes only reveal a little bit of background, it is the first to put up, probably the banana-flavoured ice-cream? Section behind the arc contraction joints are required, so that the resulting curve is smooth and smooth it!






make a purse


Made a bow


Sew up the look, very kitsch there? Shapely big ears blocking the change of two flowers on the small fresh, right?

make a purse


No pattern behind, and in front of the mirror shape is paved cotton pressure line, feeling the pressure line Terrific, likes it just does not cost a brain hands of steps in the order of + body + shop cotton cloth stitched bottom edge, Here turn left an opening



After sewing the cut edges of cotton. Turn over Kazakhstan on both sides of the relative, stitching, note the following mushroom handle is sewn together, just in the middle of the bottom two, turn to the front and do it! ! ! In fact, this pattern is hand-made from hand-book paradise in rabbits,





make a purse

The original was a little girl, I changed the rabbit, rabbit living room, because I think the mushroom is more to my liking

At that time the mushrooms drew little garden, doing cancelled, we can begin to try Oh!

make a purse

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