How to make a two colour satin ribbon rose

Two-color flower of satin ribbons

Satin ribon roses are great for decorating, enhancing clothing on special occasions, and making craft projects. This tutorial will teach you how to make your own roses out of ribbon, satin, Today I want to share with you a godsend for the production of a two colour satin ribbon rose. The result is impressive, see for yourself.

satin ribbon rose

For the manufacture of satin ribbon rose we need: Tape two colours, width of 2.5 cm. The ruler, pencil / pen, glue (Traditional moment), threads, needles. The soldering iron or a device for burning wood. You can certainly do without this device, but in this case for the result, I can not answer. Prepare the tape, cutting their squares. I took one rose by 8 squares of each colour.


Fold the squares of different colours right sides! Note that it is important to lay down exactly right sides!


Cut blanks diagonally while soldering tape.



Their gut-wrenching. At this stage we need to arrange the workpiece so that edge to (mine yellow) was seen for the primary color of a square, i.e. The finished product.


We turn off the blank, pressing the sharp corners of the triangle to the right angle.


Cropped tip and get those petals.


Getting assembly. Actually if you have ever collected rose, the more you read does not make sense. For those who are new in this issue explains: Putting midway. Twist the first flap into a tube, right side facing, and sews it. Next staggered sewn 3-4 petals.

satin ribbon rose

Next, using the same adhesive as in glue remaining staggered petals.

satin ribbon rose

That’s all. Rosa is ready. Roses can be used as a pendant and earrings!

satin ribbon rose

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