How to make african mask


How to make african mask

I carved an African mask out of plaster , and it sort of sucked, but it was so much fun. I came up with an easier way for kids to make African-style masks. It all starts with a plastic craft store mask…

Courtesy: Kiruba Arts

corrugated portraits(2)

  • Cardboard
  • Fevicol
  • Tissue paper
  • Colour (I used poster colours )
  • bowl to mix

corrugated portraits(3)
Cut the cardboard in the given shape. Cut a small piece in triangular shape and bend the corner s. Apply fevicol to the corners and attach it to the cardboard base..

corrugated portraits(4)
Mix water and fevicol in 1:4ratio..

corrugated portraits(5)
Dip tissue in water and roll it till u get desired thickness. Cut the excess sheet.


corrugated portraits(6)
Place it on the cardboard base..

corrugated portraits(7)


Now finish mouth and head too…

corrugated portraits(8)
Place 4-5 layers of tissue (desired thickness) on the cardboard and apply the fevicol mixture..

corrugated portraits(9)
Finish the bottom part too.. Fold the excess tissue to the back .. You can either put a paper tape or attach another cardboard to get good finish..

corrugated portraits(10)
Color it with desired colours..

african mask
Final picture..

african mask