How to make bag for small items

If someone does come in handy, I’ll be very happy!


For my work I need these materials: 6 pull-out boxes, colored paper, glue, felt, wire, scissors, ruler, tape bilaterial, beads, ribbons, stickers.


First I measured the size of the inner box and cut out of felt lining


From tape to the front wall of the drawer polosku.A taped to the inside of the additional taped cardboard for durability and reliability.


From beads and wire 6 made handles for drawers and fastened it in the middle.


Then he took the blanks out of felt and plastered them inside yaschikov.Vot so that’s out.


While my drawers dry up in a warm place, I started manufacturing koroba.Snachala double-sided tape on the sides glued on 2korobochki.


Then again, these bonded pairs are interconnected double sided tape.


Here’s what happened.


Now I have all this ukrepit.Dlya, I measured the bottom of the box, added to the sides of 0.5 cm and cut out of the cardboard box the same size cut out dno.Takogo kryshku.Izmerila depth of chest and height (5cm added to the upper box) is to be two side wall stenki.Zadnyaya = bottom width, and height of the side stenochki.Ostalos only measure the front upper stenochku (the one that over the drawers) .It width = distance between the walls and the height is the remaining centimeters from the top to the side boxes stenok.Vyrezala tops all details.


After that alternately paper pasted over all the walls and stuck them to the bottom.


Bottom line gluing.


View from above.


Then measure the middle of the box, cut out of felt lining and taped it.


The cover consists of two parts: top = bottom size and interior should be free to enter into a box (not clinging to the wall of the box) This part is also plastered with colored paper and glue them between soboy.Zhelatelno to all this well dried before decoration box!


For decoration I cut here are twigs


from Thomas and made flowers.


The cover plastered with golden bindweed and pasted a sticker.


That’s what ultimately poluchilos.V it can store and jewelry and small parts for podelok.Vsem Thanks for your attention to me! I would be glad if someone will come in handy this master class.


courtesy: stranamasterov

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