How to make a ballerina tutu


How to make a ballerina tutu

I want to show you a wonderful machine ballerina tutu that it is made ​​of wire and napkins. Delicate, air, fluttering … Miracle! Workshop is attached. Enjoy watching!

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You will need:
– wire (flexible, good to keep shape)
– multilayer tissues;
– starch paste (can be diluted PVA glue);
– the thread;
– transparent fishing line;
– pliers;
– scissors
– a thin needle.

The wire can be purchased at specialty store and can be extracted from scrap stranded wire, as I do.
Bend the wire “skeleton” of the future ballerina. Do not try to do it in detail, indicate only the main circuits.


Disconnects napkins on separate layers. It’s simple. If the napkin with a picture, use only the wrong part, everything else can be removed from sight and then used for its intended purpose.


Several white, now single layer napkins, leave whole, they will come in handy later. As for the rest, mercilessly tear into strips width centimeter and a half. This is important, tear it by hand and not cut with scissors. If the cloth is torn badly, try to flip it.

Take a piece of wire and methodically winding its paper strips impregnated with starch paste on top.


It should look something like a mummy.

If the figure for men, try to make it a little tighter.


Dry them.


Then we begin to cast over clothing. It’s time to transform unprepossessing pupae into butterflies.

Fold the napkin as if going to cut a snowflake, and cut off at the desired level.


Line cutting is better to slightly rounded.


Several times to curl the resulting “skirt” in a clockwise direction and in the opposite direction, to hush beautiful folds.

Double skirts look more elegant, so it is not lazy, we take a second towel and repeat the above procedure again.


You can make separate petticoat.


Gently We perform “in a dress” small holes for the head and hands. Gently worn on the figure of a ballerina.


Overtighten thread tight in the waist. Tutu ready.


Similarly, made lush cuffs on the sleeves and trouser legs male costume.

Using a fine needle is passed into the upper part of the figures clear fishing line to hang.


Variations Masha, bravo !!!

tutu(185) tutu(186) tutu(187) tutu(188) tutu(189) tutu(190) tutu(191) tutu(192) tutu(193) tutu(194) tutu(195)doll(188) doll(189) doll(190) doll(191) doll(192) doll(193) doll(194)


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