How to make a basket for needlework

for needlework

At any masters to be such a nice and roomy basket for needlework. Sweetheart – to looking at it, inspires new masterpieces, spacious to it carefully laid all the strings and balls, pins and scissors, buttons and buttons.


Materials for baskets: • pieces of cotton fabric of different colors; • cotton fabric in white; • linen 50 x 150 cm (for the interior); • sintepon number 200; • bamboo handles; • cord. Tools: • Paper; • line; • scissors; • pins; • sewing thread; • sewing machine. The size of the finished baskets – 17 × 18 × 25 cm. Board. The size of this can be changed by adding or removing triangles, it should be borne in mind that in each row their number should be even. How to make it for needlework by hand. Cut the paper two equilateral triangles with sides 10 cm. A triangle – pattern bottom part. From white cloth cut out of this pattern 54 of the triangle. The second triangle cut in the middle and diluted it to 1 cm, make out the lower side slightly convex – a template for the upper part. From pieces of colored fabrics on this template to cut out 54 triangles.


Sew the triangles in the following order: on the white triangle (a) impose a colored face up (b), then the color, but face down (in), then white (g). Thus we sew three strips 18 of triangles, and then connect each band start and end. Bands fill synthetic padding and at the same time paving on the edge of machine line

for needlework(196) for needlework(197)

Linen cut out:

• the bottom of the basket – 2 pieces of 18 x 22 cm;
• inner side part – 1 item 19 x 75 cm;
• Top – 1 item 20 x 75 cm;
• Drawstring – 2 strips of 4 x 38 cm;
• belt loops pen – 4 pieces 6 × 8 cm;
• stripes on the bias 3 x 75 cm. The bottom of the basket to put sintepon number 200 (if sintepon thinner is better to make two layers to the bottom was tougher), scribbled on the edge and priutyuzhivaem. Details of triangles grind together. Putting the bottom of the basket with a side part. The same is carried out with the details of a linen for the inside.

for needlework(198)

Prepare the upper part

To do this, grind detail 20 x 75 cm, top edge bends at 0.5 cm and 1.5 cm, and paving the line. 3 cm from the edge nastrachivaem Drawstring cord, make belt loops and attach them to the handles pins

for needlework(199)

Insert the inside of the basket, connect the line, then top and handle. Bias binding okantovyvayut the upper edge of the basket. Ironing the finished product. 

On the inside of the lining of the pockets can sew and tape to thread entangled with each other is not, and the tools are not lost.

for needlework(200)


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