How to make beaded Necklaces


Make beaded Necklaces

Tools :Round,pliers
Basics :

  • Polyester cord of gray and brown 2 m 45 cm
  • Black wire diameter of 1 mm to 15 cm
  • Thin wire of gold color with a diameter of 0.2 mm to 1 m

Accessories :

  1. carabiner 1 pc.
  2. metal holder cord 2 pcs.
  3. jewelery studs 3.5 cm long piece 18
  4. jewelery pins length of 3.5 cm 53 pcs.
  5. Costume jewelery ring 0.7 mm 19 pcs.

Beads :

  1. glass beads 8 mm 18 pc.
  2. pearl beads gold color 9 pcs. diameter 14 mm
  3. pearl beads bronze-colored 275 pcs. (0.47 grams)



Procedure :

Take 7 polyester cords 35 cm long and wrap them with wire, making 2.5 turns.


Pass on the cords, and the tip of the wire clamp for polyester cords.


Stepping 8 mm from the clamp, cut the wire cutters.


Round Fold the tip of the wire to the ground, making the eye. Similarly, do and at the other end of the cord.


Stepping 10-12 cm from the clip, attach the polyester cords wire with a diameter of 0.2 cm. To do this, go around the wire cords and screw one end of the wire around the other.


String on this pearl of the wire and wrap wire cords with beads, obvorachivaya wire around the cords. So make 32 turns.


Another component of the decorations done so. Pass on the pearl and glass bead pins, and another glass – carnations. Stepping back from the 8 mm beads, cut the ends of the pins and cloves.


Make tabs on each bead. Round grab the tip of the stud and pin and tighten it until it stops.


Slightly parted abalone pearls, attach it to the ear pins glass beads. And to the other eyelet glass beads, attach the remaining bead. With ringlet connect this chain of beads to decorate the center of the basics.


Take 6 pearls. 5 of them to thread the pin, and one – on a nail. Make them ears and clinging to them, attach them to each other. With ringlet attach the chain to the base ornaments, stepping round 2 of the attached to the base of the chain.


Make 7 more strings of tiny pearls and 8 of pearl and glass beads (by attaching them to each other in a random order). Now attach the chain to the base of all ornaments, alternating these chains of beads together.


To one end of the decoration with the help of tools, attach the ring, while the other – ring with a carabiner.


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