How to make beehive using twine

Beehive using twine is something different ideas .This hive is a great luxury decor and cuisine, and to give and how to hack into a kindergarten or school. Text and photos by the author.

Inflate the ball, coated with glue, winding twine.

Ready bead with window

pulls around the little window, as shown in the picture …

Honeycomb I made from pieces of skin

Glued in a diverse manner as the “heart’s content”

 and so, too 

The adhesive has dried up, the ball pierced, removed 

To fill the void, I took a piece of cloth and padding polyester yellow cloth wrapped site on and shoved into a box, secured with glue on top of a wire hook made

Further decorated coffee beans, small flowers, bows, lemon slices

That’s from the other side

twine (11)

Courtesy: stranamasterov.r