How to make bees frock

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Suit more bees.

Skirt length of about 20 cm, waist circumference of 60 cm and a width of fabric consumption of at least 2.50 -. 95 cm.


So skirt sewn from tulle curtain. Three-layered skirt. The first (top layer) – 2 sun, the second (middle) – 3 sun third (lower layer) – 5 suns. Total – 10 suns. The outer diameter of all the same, and the inside is smaller, the more suns collected in a skirt.

1. First we calculate the flow fabric.
The formula for calculating the radius of the upper skirt-sun – FROM 6 = Upper range Lower range + skirt length (this is the bottom line of the hem edge).
In this case, the skirt 5 of upper suns radius (R1) equal to the lower layer
60: (6 * 5) = 60: 30 = 2 cm Bottom radius (R2) is equal to 20 + 2 = 22 cm..
For the middle layer of the skirt 3 suns R1 = 60 (6 * 3) = 60: 18 = 3.3333 cm (rounded to 3, then pruning), R2 = 19 + 3 = 22cm.
For the upper layer of the skirt 2 suns R1 = 60: (6 * 2) = 60: 12 = 5 cm, R2 = 17 + 5 = 22 cm.

2. Next, use the line cutter. Using a compass draw a circle with a radius of 22 cm. On a piece of paper the width of the postponed fabric (I have 3 meters). and place there the 10 suns.
3. On uncover simple. Note skirts differ only in the inner radius. Each sun cut from the bottom to the waist on equity.

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4. Next, collect suns in their skirts, the seams on overlock treat.

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5. Now we will do wavy birdies.
Monofilament with diameter 0.5 mm, length of 100 m, the strength of 10.09 kg.

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6. Overlock set up on a roller seam 3-thread. Set up the fabric under the presser foot, hand drop the needle into the fabric. Raises the presser foot and pushes it under the line close to the needle. Sew on the top fabric on the front side. A few more times to manually scroll the wheel to the needle “caught” a line in the seam.

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Strongly stretch the fabric, twine lightly adheres not to come under the knife. FISHING LINE DO NOT PULL! These are the skirts are obtained.

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8. Now processing piping. The most important thing carefully press it clearly Bakey half. Then we have Bakey so proutyuzhenny fold accounted strictly skirt edge. all scribbled on top in a single layer. If you press it well and carefully align the fold inlay and edge of the fabric, do not need anything tack, everything will turn itself.

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9. Binding inlay only the top and bottom of the skirt. Putting skirt overlaid one on another and skalyvaya pins. Perhaps one layer have to prune and the other podsobrat on a thread.

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10. Belt kroim straight, inserted into a broad elastic band is connected to the skirt and a serger. Or this: Fold the bottom edge of the skirt and belt facial inside, Sew on a typewriter straight stitch, went too times in half, cut open and buckled scribbled.

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