How to make bird


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How to make bird

Hello everyone !!! After I put his work with birds “in the garden!”

For the manufacture of birds we will need colored paper, paper and pastel colored office, glue, scissors and a lot of patience
First you need to find the bird you want to do is print it

colored paper (1) colored paper (2)

Then we take the usual towels and make the head, back and stomach. 

colored paper (3)

So I made the head of half a napkin!

colored paper (4) colored paper (5)

Then, the whole back of napkins made,

colored paper (6)

And also from the entire midsection napkin

colored paper (7)

Then take the paper, choose the color and start to cut the feathers, I was cutting strips of 1 cm and width of the strip gradually decreases

colored paper (8)

get more feathers

colored paper (9)

Fold in half and our zagotovochku begin to cut diagonally at the end of a little cut off, to get a real feather

colored paper (10)

I photographed feathers

colored paper (11)

And here it is shown from large to small

colored paper (12)

We start from the tail dolly, spachala somewhere before half long, sticking like rows, first the first and then the top of the second, and so impose

colored paper (13)

There do not comment, I think it is clear

colored paper (14)

Feather closeup

colored paper (15) colored paper (16)

Top start gluing the smallest feathers

colored paper (17)

Well, the body is ready, and then you can fantasize with eyes with a beak, with wings

colored paper (18)

Here she is pretty!

colored paper (19)

Here’s how I made the tail

colored paper (20) colored paper (21)

Well, that’s my bird is ready, it sdela glazik and beak!

colored paper (22) bird

sitting in a bouquet of lilies!

 colored paper

wall art (269) wall art (270)

Thank you to all the masters for their work site


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