How to make box for three compartment

three compartment

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How to make box for three compartment
Here is a box for three compartment resulting in me.
I will repeat my previous craft I’m self-taught, and it is possible that some transactions can be made ​​easier or another. I do not pretend to be the only right decision and just show basis.

box(267) box(268)

Please produce 3 internal compartments. To do this zakotovki 3 strips of cardboard 2mm size of 4 * 35.5 cm


because box we round the bend must be blank. Simply moisten with water and wrapped around the form. I turned out to be the best bank with rice.


Once bent blanks dried remove them from the mold and cut from the bottom of our boxes of cardboard in my case it is a circle with a diameter of 11 cm.
In general, the dimensions can be calculated arithmetically by the formula known to all since high school: The circumference = 2R * 3,14 only to the figures must be added as 1-1.5 cm when wet cardboard sits slightly.


Glue the wall to the bottom of the box


Strengthen them with paper tape. Well, I had to paint on top of white paint, as gray cardboard could shine through the fabric.


And this is reinforced by the bottom of the bottom.


The next step is to cut out tonogo coated cardboard blanks for the inner walls of the box. sizes can be removed from the box and be sure to try.

Next, begin to paste box cloth. Just smear the work piece glue and attach to tissue

Edge can not bend because this side of the box we attach it to the base and excess thickening we do not need


In order to adhere the tissue to the bottom of the recesses must be made.


And sticking to the top, you can simply make cuts.

Here it is already pasted outside the box.

And it is already prepared interior.

First glue in the bottom and then the side wall.

That’s basically our box and ready, but that’s not all.

The lower part has remained ugly and we need to fix it. To do this, cut out 3 circles (you do not forget that we have 3 branches) of the coating on the cardboard bottom diameter, paste over their cloth.

And glued to the bottom of the boxes.

Now for the basis for this we need a bent workpiece height of 3 cases a have a 4 * 3 and of + 1-1.5 cm on the distance between them. Long somewhere 38 cm (again can be calculated by calculation.


Cut the workpiece into 3 parts

And glued on a piece of cloth.

Zaguinay all the angles and folds glue 2 more strips of cloth.


Unfortunately I later uvleklast and photos but did not, in principle, nothing complicated further and did not occur. Next to the base were pasted 3 plazhki obkleyanye fabric with interior decoration, and after drying glued 3 boxes on the glue point.

Cover for the box was made ​​in the same way as are the boxes with a diameter of only a little more.
That’s all, our box is ready.

box(291) box(292)


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