How to make a box

How to make a box

How to make a box

I will explain how to perform the casket lid with openwork. Thanks to such a reception, weaving seems easier and more romantic. Description for the manufacture of boxes from the newspapers you can see here in the article “The box of newspapers” .



Now consider my new job, I left on the walls of a small gap weaving. That is retreated to a certain width, Duct bases in this place you can further tape, thread, and so apply quilling. 


The cover begins to weave, as usual. A few rows when the tube base, which is braided by three, we must begin to braid one, add another working tube and weave the rope of three tubes. Because of this, the tube bases after the first series will be located here, in that order (see photo).


Now you have to step back a little and continue weaving. In order to maintain evenness in weaving, draw a circle on the cardboard and use it as a template to which must be leveled.


Collar Cover I do so, I take three tubes, and wound them into a rope, and then bend one end of the tube winding. Extra tubes ends trimmed and pasting a loop box hot gun.


When you are finished, you can decorate the box all that is at hand: ribbons, lace, flowers (they can be made from the newspaper itself), etc. Sometimes items for decoration may be the most unexpected, for instance, I bought a hardware store for whitewash brush made of linen, fluffed it and these fibres plastered the inside of the lid, so you can take a bit of fibre and roll in the palms of their balls – also used by decor. And, of course, my favourite flowers of watercolour paper, master classes on their production can also be found on this website, without these flowers can not do none of my decor.


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