How to make bracelets out of scrap materials

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Fantasy creators newfangled jewelry is not limited to products of filthy lucre: increasingly used for wood work – examples of various decorations from wood. They inspired me to create with their hands fashion bracelets out of scrap materials. It turns out all nor too difficult.


Stylish bracelets on a wooden base can be made of ordinary wooden sticks to stir the sugar in tea; sticks of ice cream and wooden spatulas health that doctors check the condition of the throat. In the first stage of transformation of wooden sticks in a stylish decoration, they are boiled in water over medium heat for 40 minutes; or immersed in cold water and leave overnight. Both of some simple procedures produce the same effect: the sticks soften and become pliable.


In the second stage of manufacture the bracelet, softened sticks to give them a rounded shape, at first slowly entwine around the glass edge; then placed inside it. In one glass can be placed at a height of several workpieces. Completely dry preform per day: they decrease in volume and freely fall to bottom of beaker.


The next step – is the transformation of blanks into a fashionable thing to do this you need the glue gun, satin ribbons, rhinestones, beads and jewelry maker fancy newfangled.


Two semi-circular blanks are joined in a circle, and to determine the size of the band, and stick together. The end of the tape, is adhered to the inner part of the future decoration. Gradually, the webbing is wrapped around the base, do not forget to apply the adhesive dot on the wood. The other end of the braid, also adheres to the inside of the bracelet, or tied across the coquettish bow. Lighter lace, braid in tone, are glued on top of it; the adhesive is applied directly onto the laces, and they are lightly pressed. If desired, you can even decorate decoration brighter, evenly gluing rhinestones.


It looks nice bracelet bright plaid ribbons, decorated with inlays of plastics. If you want to make a bracelet more catchy, as the basis used medical spatula, which is tied with braid and decorated with small flowers, crocheted and decorated with rhinestones on the center.


courtesy: efachka

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