How to make bright booties for the baby

Booties – not only comfortable, but also beautiful, warm shoes for little feet baby. Today on the shelves you can find all kinds of models pinetochek warm and bright, but there are many models that can be done independently. So, just one or two nights at the beginner needlewoman can get here are elegant pinetochki for the baby:


Their advantage is that they felt soles are lacing with pomposhkami and well sit on the leg.
In order to create this home shoes for little feet need:

desired color yarn (50 grams);
two felt insole (can be cut out of the great soles);
awl (for eyelet in the insole);
knitting needles;
It is important to choose the right size needles and hooks in accordance with the thickness of the selected yarn.

Let’s get started.

For starters take the insole and is doing it in the holes so that through them, then it was possible to thread the hook with thread. Make sure that the distance between the holes was the same. Also, try to do the same on the two insoles.

Thereafter, each insole need to tie a hook. Like this:


Now, without departing yarn knit crochet circle without nakida columns 5-6 rows (depending on the yarn thickness). Then knit a few rows from the scheme to toe:

пинетки схема мыска

Should this turn out slippers:


Similarly, the second knit bootees.


Now you need to bind to the top-pinetochek boots. To do this, take the needles and recruit 26 loops. Then knit as follows: 8 garter stitch loops, 2 loops backstitches, facial 8 (there is a “pigtail”) has 2 backstitches loop and 4 loops garter stitch. Do not forget that the edge loops in the pattern are not counted, and they are knitted: the first is always removed without provyazyvayas, and the last – Wrong loop.

Crossbreeding for “braids” are carried out every 8-9 rows. So knit series 52-54. You should get here is a canvas:


We make another the same cloth:


Note that the “pigtail” to be not quite in the middle. The fact that a greater edge you will be binding in half in order to insert into the string (zavyazochki).
Then sew both ends of the associated web:


Then, carefully stitched a greater edge. It turns out:


Now sew the resulting top-cuffs to Crochet slipper (hemmed edge down), while being careful not to sew the hollow space inside the upper cuff. We get those boots:



Insert the string and decorate his pompons.
Receive such booties:


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