How to make a brush from the cat’s fur

brush from the cat's fur (13)

Who is interested in decorative painting, he can not do without this magic brush. It is almost impossible to replace any other. Properties cat’s fur is truly unique: it is very elastic (as soon as the pressure stops it, brush back to the original position, that is, does not lose its shape, is not deformed); it is very durable (if properly handled her brush will last 3-4 years when the intensity of its use); it can help to make an incredibly thin and openwork painting, displaying such air line, which was also the most difficult to make a sharpened pencil.

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See how masterfully owned this instrument famous artist painting Petrykivka Pelagia Glushchenko. All work below (flowers, buds, stems and grass) is made exclusively from cat hair brush

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His first brush I had to make the necessary and urgent, as the old one was lost, and I ordered a painting for a gift to the head of the bank (woman). Dates were very small -. 3 days
my yard cat Snowball (putting his picture below) has become a “victim art.” But seriously, the cat from 3-4 small bundles of fur no harm can not be.
I spread a newspaper on the table. husband (just in case in the working gloves) holding the cat’s front and back paws (cat lying on its back). I forgot to say that the cat or cat should be the most common – shorthair. Grasping three fingers hair on the abdomen, under the legs (as I could grab), I carefully cut off a bundle of wool with scissors, so as not to injure the animal. 3-4 Cut beam folded in one direction, so as not to confuse the ends of the villi. Cat by the time he was released and fed. In my opinion, he did not understand, but the main thing was pleased with the result.

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Pressing ends of hairs cut finger, I tried using a needle pick lint from the cut-off (at the base of hairs). The photo shows how a brush of 3 wool tufts significantly “thinner”.

brush from the cat's fur (4)

Then the most important stage . The meaning of the operation being performed is to maximize the level the ends of hairs.
So, I have several times stretched wool beam in different directions, and then imposed again received one half to the other so that the ends of the beam were all on the same level. To do so as long as the tips of the hairs in the bundle do not form a smooth (relatively) line. Absolutely even make it almost impossible, but as much as possible to this approach is necessary. From this quality brushes will depend on the pleasure that she will deliver to you in the process.

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As derzhaltsa wrist can take any stick, for example, from an old brush, suitable even thick rod ballpoint pen.

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tip should be lubricated with thick adhesive, for example, PVA, then put it in the middle of the prepared wool pencil and gently wrap it around a beam . Then, taking a long strong thread, tightly wrap, fixing the ends of the threads with a double knot. Threads need to once again miss the mark on top of the glue to dry, you can even top varnish for durability. But I do not do it (you can get paint on the working part of the brush, which is not desirable).
Prepared in this way has the form of a dry brush 

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But as soon as you brush soak in water, it is transformed, taking the form of drops. How to work the cat brush – is a separate issue. I tried to write about it in his teaching and methodical manual “The Art Petrykivka painting.”

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And the work was commissioned here such (photo is not very good, see below) .This repetition of my composition “Kazkovy Ptah”, but in a different color scheme – cold. Brush has been very successful, thanks to the snowball fight!

brush from the cat's fur (9)

I put pieces of work, which photographed more successful general form. Size 30×40 all the work. All the fine lines, grass, flowers and leaves revival . In the process of painting, the brush is new, can be removed (pull out) the individual villi, which climbs and interfere, but cut the brush is strictly prohibited.

brush from the cat's fur (10)

Another piece of work – lilac flower.

brush from the cat's fur (11)

The body and tail of a bird

brush from the cat's fur (12)

I was very pleased with the new brush, the work done on time, did not disappoint a customer team.
Now there’s an incentive to do new songs
A brush of the cat’s fur the shore, as the apple of an eye. It is truly magical. I even think that it can help to heal, so it is pleasant to work, so many positive emotions is very painting process.

brush from the cat's fur (13)

For it is not the first experience of the story our website about how to make such a brush. I shared her with a pure heart, in the hope that my tips will help beginners and those who wish to master the art of painting. Thanks for reading and seeing. Until we meet again!


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