How to make bullfinches panel

For me it took seashells) small shells can be replaced by cereals); photo frame with plexiglass; glue ( “Titan”, and PVA); putty, paint brushes, acrylic paints; gouache; wire; cereals; primer. All materials you can see in the course of work.

I have not found the right picture on the internet, I had to make a collage and to finish sprigs. The size of the birds picked up by the shells.

“Titan” Above oshkurennogo plexiglass glue sprigs of wire on the glue.

I receive.

Chopped wire for needles.

Clay needles.

Adding tabs birds.

I receive.

Now I do themselves bullfinches using seashells and wire for the beak.

From plastic cup cut out wings and tails, the glue on the “Titan”.

I use shells for wings and tail volume (can be replaced by a wire).

I receive.

These shells can be replaced by half pea.

Clay buckwheat, for an additional volume of the breast.
So they became the stall :).

Eyes and lumps of glue, too shell (can be replaced for example, pepper peas).

I cover all the work primer. I go through it twice. For the “bottlenecks” using thin kistochku.Faktura is obtained due to the fact that I did not brush stroke and poke.

After the primer has dried, cover the (butting) work with a mixture of PVA glue and putty (the solution should be as sour cream).

Waiting when dry.
I get … it now remains only to paint.

First, the main color … I use acrylic paints, color and gouache.

Now everything else …
You’re just varnish, use a spray.

That’s all.

In frame…