How to make butterfly dress


How to make butterfly dress for your gorgeous princess

The butterfly was meant to flit and fly. I couldn’t really see it coming to life as a pillow or wall hanging, but if I were to put it on a little girl, that butterfly could soar. And it really does.Sewn to a simple, elegant muslin tunic, the butterfly shines. These butterfly dress are eye-catching and beautiful, especially since you don’t really expect it from the front.

dress (1)dress (2)dress (3)

Carefully cut around the butterfly, leaving a little bit of the background. Once cut, the edges will want to fray, so try not to handle it too much. I cut off the head, but left the body with the wings–I’ll show you why in a bit.

dress (4)

  1. Using black thread, stitch a tight zigzag all around the cut edges to keep them from fraying. (I tried this with my serger, and don’t really recommend it because of the details and curves. I ended up fixing it with my sewing machine.)
  2. Put the tunic on your model, and start pinning your butterfly. I started by pinning the bottom wings under her arms and to the side seams then worked my way up.

dress (5)

Pin the tips of the upper wings over the shoulders. You’ll have a big gap on the top of the shoulders at this point, so pinch and pin the excess so it lays flat on the shoulder.

dress (6)

Now that you know where everything goes, unpin the top wings from the front and create darts by taking the pinched excess on top of the shoulders and, with right sides together, sew a wedge from the edge in as far as your excess goes. It will look like this when you’re done.

dress (7)

Take the body, and wrap it around itself and tack it in place on the back side of the butterfly.

dress (8)

Press your darts well, then sew your butterfly to your top/tunic along the butterfly edges and the tunic’s neckline.

dress (9)dress (10)dress (11)

Finally, the beautiful butterfly dress is ready for your kids

dress (12)

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