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How to make card for mom

Craft class is designed for children of preschool age and younger students, teachers and parents.

Paper of different colours, cardboard, glue, scissors, art punch, stapler, double-sided tape.
Phased implementation of postcards.

Start with face and hair styles

Merge the white strip of paper and paper strip hair. Long colorful leaf depends on the hairstyle

you want to make a girl.

Cut a half circle, we get the face.

Cut into thin strips of hair.

We divide the strip in half, and each tail is held together by a stapler.

Stoop to their face and fix a stapler.

Incised strips curl scissors – get bangs.

Glue fringe.

Glue eyes.

Draw a merry face.

In the thick double-sided tape
glue the finished product to the base card. Better to take heavy paper.

Decorate to your liking.
Go to the back side of the card

We need a piece of paper, a little smaller than the card. Curly punch legalize corners.

You can decorate every corner

glue and sign.

Card ready.

Hairstyle can be done in another way. Cut into strips with scissors to curl. It will turn curly girl.

If you do not have such eye, they can paint themselves.

card for mom


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