How to make card with “waterfall”

Hi friends, now i am introducing some new, card with “waterfall”


You will need:
1) “base” for a card from a heavy paper (kardstok, pastel paper, paper for scrapbooking – your choice) – 15h30sm size (folded – 15h15sm).
2) Multi-colored paper for the cover – 14,5h14,5sm
3) A strip of paper on which is mounted “waterfall” – 5h22,5sm (better if 23 or 23,5sm)
4) A strip of paper 2h14,5sm
5) 4 square 5x5cm
6) 4 squares with drawings 4,7h4,7sm (in my case I have further rounded edge)
7) Eyelets (or button bradsy), ribbon and other decorations.
8) The adhesive double-sided tape

With Fire strip of paper under the “waterfall” at the following distances from the edge: 5cm, 7cm, 9cm and 11cm.

We attach squares with pictures on the base.

Now the glue on the basis of our squares “waterfall”, so that the upper square part coincides with the fold line.
First glue the lowest square to the bottom of the waterfall, and then, moving from bottom to top, glue the remaining squares. Glue or adhesive tape applied not to the entire square, but literally the width of 1,5-2sm from the top, ie, the square from one bend to the next.

Now take a strip of paper 2h14,5 cm and secure it to “cover” card using eyelets or bradsov. I specifically did not cover glue to the workpiece under the card, then to not be bradsov holes on the back side. You can optionally apply glue or double-sided tape on the strip, but not completely, but only 1-1,5sm at each end.

Now you need to slip free from the bottom strip of the picture under the waterfall and waterfall set so as to be able to glue the lowest square with the picture to the strip.

Check to see if your design is put forward well, make the bottom of the waterfall hole, tie a ribbon.

Waterfall is ready!

Several detailed photos:

courtesy: liveinternet

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