How to make case for the tablet

In the following materials were used: three kinds of fabrics for patchwork combined colors, padding polyester, zip fastener, beads. In this master class you can also sew a cover for an e-book or iPad. Under the cut detailed process description)




How to make:

1. The dimensions do not specify, as each they own. Measure the length, width, height, do not forget to take into account the allowances. Module layout diagram I drew on paper (had to glue several sheets of A4), cut and used as a template (with the sides slightly changed in the process).


Cut 6 squares, leaving 0.5 cm allowance and sew on the modules together, ironing.


2. Cut the sides, sew first short, then long stretches, ironing. This is the front side of the cover.


3. Cut a rectangle of syntepon, pinned. Tacked squares diagonally (for accuracy, I did layout disappearing marker).


4. To the back of the valve parts sew a width of about 5 cm All duplicate synthetic padding and prostёgivaem detail, for example, so.:


5. Decorate the front of the cover. At first I wanted to make applications, but in the end opted for the yo-yo (see. Article, “How do I make fabric flowers in the art of yo-yo”).


6. To cut out the second part of the valve is 2 cm wider, sew and gut-wrenching. Fold right sides cover parts inside, pinned and sewn, short of 2 cm to the valve. Here’s how it will look like:


Sintepon cropped close to the seam, and gut-wrenching case.

7. Sew a simple pouch lining.


We put it in a bag and carefully hand sew a hidden stitch. Also sutured neproshitye space on the sides.


The final step – sew Velcro (or buttons, tabs, as you wish).


We admire the result:


My Techniques yo-yo is different from the traditional. Usually, it is done as follows: first collect a circle of tissue in the socket, and then use the finished flower as decoration. I do the opposite – first sew the fabric, and then pick a flower. This method is not always possible to apply, but, whenever possible, I try to use it in his work, since the result is more interesting. Tell me more.



How to make:

1. Cut the paper patterns: two circles, one with a diameter equal to the desired diameter of the flower, another 2 times. From fabric cut out the circles on the larger pattern plus 0.5 cm in the hem (not terrible, if possible a little more than you need, the excess can be cut).


2. The terms of the wrong side of fabric pinned to the outside together with the smaller pattern. Along the perimeter of the pattern paving machine stitch (stitch length set up smaller). Remove the template.


3. The photo shows that the line was very neat, flower sits like a “glove”. Putting it into a wall outlet, tucking the edges inward, tighten.


Middle, you can decorate a flower bead or button.



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