How to make cat house using sweaters

cat house

How to make cat house

No winter is complete without a knitted sweater, you can make a cat house alsoand many owners are not only insulated themselves, but also dress their pets.

Yes, knitted blouses and socks really are nothing new, but what about the knitted house cat with his own hands?

cat house

You just have to take a long thick cord or a flexible tube, and tie his woolen threads, strips of fabric and other materials that you have at home. The result is supposed to be an excellent material for the
“construction” house. 

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All that remains for us to do is to shape and fix it. The most banal – is to make the crib round shape. Spending a little more time and effort, you can build a house with one or two holes. Your mustache pet certainly imbued with a sense of gratitude for such a warm and inviting home.

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