How to make Chess from quilling

How to make Chess from quilling


We decided to take the green instead of black,


Instead of white – yellow


To make the board of the foundation, we have two frames and connected them to each other.



Take a heavy paper (Whatman possible) I have for drawing, any size. On each side of the note 4 points at 1.5 cm. and hold the line. Should get is such a mesh



So it is visible.


Cut corners.


On the 2nd line note 1.5 cm


And draw a trapezoid, that’s it.

9Cut a trapezoid


It should look like this. You can draw a trapezium with a long and a short side.


Burst lines than you prefer, and bend.


Insert one area to another



It turns out frame. If the back side of the paper to glue something like adhesive film under the tree you get a wood frame. 


And we started manufacturing of chess. First, we do the walking.



To pawn done 3 clips. A large and two small. Grand of 8 strips of small 3.

Large roller squeezing so.


Then, in the resulting blank toothpick gently squeezing the pin, and one small clip increase the hole.

Little bit of squeezing rollers, too.


All Circuits need to miss the mark with white glue and let them dry completely. After this little Circuits, in which we increased our hole, we put on the pin, glue, giving dry,


and then glue on top of a second small Circuits. That there was no visible seam between Circuits, as in the photo, it is necessary that the junction once wrap strip. Pawn is ready.


For the second series of figures, except for the king and queen, large rollers made ​​of 12 stripes. To top boat tied of 5 strips. All items extrude and process the same way as shown above. On the tiny hat boat glue rollers.
For horse doing roller 3 of 4 strips, two Circuits glue both on foot and in a third case a muzzle, ears went on half the strip.


For the elephant is also done 3 roll of 4 strips. The holes increase on two rollers, one of them worn on the pin, and the second squeezing and glue to the roller on the pin, and then the remainder of the video clip is also squeezing and toothpick pushes the nose. Do not forget that all the details you need promazyvat PVA glue when they dry up, skleavaem them with each other.
For the king and queen of the big rollers consist of 13 strips.
For King 3 clip of 4 bars, one of them is pressed, all glued together on the same basis. Then glued the top roller from one strip and a droplet, also from the same strip.
For the Queen 1rolik of 4 bands and 2 clips of 5. Top clip is pasted from one strip.


After two weeks of work to show the parent the day we were ready all the figures.


Sasha started to design the playing field. We decided that it would be the kvadratnenkie flowers. Each flower consists of 8 drops, and roll. In the corners of larger droplets, in the middle of a – a smaller one. Roller strips of 3/4


From the sides stuck a little loose rollers.


From the frames glued seam just wide strips.

27 28 29



All figures are stacked.


The final version. And the playing field, and the figures were covered with acrylic lacquer.



The final version. And the playing field, and the figures were covered with acrylic lacquer.