How to make chickens from gloves


How to make chickens from gloves

Very interesting idea. I think it is too much like one who Liu, Italian needlework. The cost of materials needed to work a little bit, but get a nice little Easter masterpiece, although such cheep from h / b gloves can be planted anywhere.

gloves chickens (1)

For work, we need:

  • Glove yellow.
  • Any filler.
  • Satin ribbon light green.
  • The thread with a needle.
  • Felt yellow (the color is desired to be like a glove).
  • Felt red or bright orange.
  • Beads black.
  • Melt or other any glue optional .

Stages of work:

Take the glove desired color can be yellow instead to use any other color, such as white, gray, etc.

chickens (2)

chickens (3)

Take any filler, it can be wool, sintepuh, hollofayber or polystyrene balls.

We fill filled every finger on the glove as shown in the photo.

chickens (4)

Take a green ribbon or any other color. Retreat about 1 cm. From the edge and is fastened as shown in the photos. Do the same with all the other fingers, you have all five fingers should be tied ribbon, it will be heads of chickens.

chickens (5) chickens (6)

wrap and sew it. Adding more filler as necessary.

chickens (7)

Cut the felt yellow circle, the size should match the size of the gloves.

Sewed a felt circle to the base of the gloves, and the gloves should be well filled with filler.

chickens (8)

Then take the black beads and sew eyes to the right place. The arrows show how to properly do everything. When sewn eyes, fasten thread.

We make our chickens beak. Take the orange or red felt and cut out of it two small triangles. Putting them together and then glue termopistoetom to the right place.

chickens (9)

chickens (10)

Toy ready. You can even add a cockerel scallops, chicken and bows. You can make them out of felt or foamirana.

chickens (1)


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