How to make clay summer pendant


How to make clay summer pendant

something I wanted to summer, summer colors. And I will make a pendant with summer flowers from polymer clay.

Doing this pendant was very exciting. The work was to some extent experimental. I used a similar way did not do (I mean the way). The idea came up by chance, as it were, fell from the sky, and I decided to try it in practice. The obtained results I’m happy.

summer pendant

And for you, dear inhabitants of the Masters of the country, I did a master class!
Plasty I bought last winter, different firms: domestic Sonnet, Fimo, CERN (pictured yellow). Many criticize Sonnet, but I behaved normally plastic, CERN will be worse.
Well, okay, quite lyrical digression πŸ™‚ So, I took your favorite color, bruised.

pendant (2)

White piece of unrolled on a glass board in a thin pancake on top blinded flowers. For example, a flower I show you how to sculpt.
So we see in the photo. On the white layer put the yellow ball, slightly flattened.

pendant (3)

Next – we take the white, roll out the sausage, cut into pieces.

pendant (4)

These pieces rolled into balls.

pendant (5)

Balls pereformiruem in “drops”.

pendant (6)

“Drops” have around yellow center.

pendant (7)

Take the DOTS (DOTS me for nail design), then there is a tool with a very small ball. Of course, you can replace it with something similar (awl, toothpick). And gives shape to each petal.

pendant (8)

Here is the pitch after manipulation using DOTS πŸ™‚

pendant (9)

Go to the yellow center. Agree, middle, just smooth – it’s boring. The same DOTS pierces deep. We get interesting midway.

pendant (10)

Prototyping knife cut the excess white layer. First DOTS mark up the line, then cut out with a knife. It requires careful not to touch the petals.

pendant (11)

In the end – pierces a hole in the pendant.

pendant (12)

And in the oven for 30-40 minutes at 120 g. The packaging contains the maximum temperature and baking time, each brand has its own guide.

After baking give the product to cool. The final result is seen in the photo 1 and 2.

Dimensions of the pendant:. 4.5 cm x 5.5 cm quite large. Of course, one can dazzle the smaller size. πŸ™‚

I hope you understand my MK!

Have fun!

To all of you success! πŸ™‚

pendant (13)


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