How to make clutch purses

My husband is a fan of barsetok, although it was not fashionable and 90s are long gone. And for a certain number of time gathered them in my pieces 5, and does not allow the hamster to throw away, there are large and small, but all of the skins deputy, of course, he cracked over time. And they were in my pile, until this year. Mom anniversary, suit bought myself, and when you look at the price clutch, I must confess my Zhabko stopped me from thoughtless spending money. And Then there then I remembered the purse. Took 2 sizes. Fabric me, or rather pieces by 30 centimeters were still the old poshivushek (dress when the daughter sewed). For work I needed:
530 531
barsetki- old hardware I unscrewed them more useful
That’s what they all cracked
lace (or lace), fabric or satin lining and a magnet (as the old bag). More glue gun, you can point crystal as you like, thread in the color of the fabric and the needle
The first thing you need to paste over the purse lining fabric by klaponom handy Measure out a piece of fabric equal to the width of + 1-1.5 cm on the seam allowance on each side and a piece of a length equal to the length of the take from the outside of the valve and all around handy given the accordion at the bottom plus 2 cm, suddenly wrong measurements. internal valve parts cut out separately exactly valve size at 0.5 mi allowance and prostrachivem all open sections, the photo shows that the edge is processed. further take a long piece of lining and paste on the valve end (unfortunately few photos turned out blurry) something like the picture, then take the lining of the internal valve and glue, only end in overlaps on already glued lining but flush with the edge of the valve, so can de it glue in the center and at the bottom in the seam to seam lining inside the purses, the edges do not leave glued, now you need to insert the magnet if you have it on the mustache like mine. (If the usual, you can not bother and just paste over the outside of the purses, and and then glue the magnet and the lining of the valve.) Further, a large piece of lining paste over the outside of the valve, the edges folded the inside (which is why we are backing the valve is not stuck on the sides,
here I think it is clear that the basic fabric which papered the entire purse is bent inward, and then glued valve lining the sides papered separately (where the accordion on the sides)
Now these aspects where the gray fabric
Now gently pulling the fabric that would not be papered creases purses back wall, a bottom and a front wall. Then do the pattern side of the purses and papered her side bellows and open sections, which are received from gluing the front and rear walls of purses
after pasting lined purses, all repeat the same process, only this time with lace and glue and thread with a needle, tucking the open sections inside. If a string of perfectly matched, you can see it will not be
After plating all purses, insert the second part of the magnet
Handy on the one hand attached pen like this clip, I decided they just return to your clutch, that would be a possibility to attach a chain and hang on shoulder
like this
And this is the second purse with extra. department, I do not know why it is needed, but it was a pity to cut, so the left
543 544
courtesy: stranamasterov


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