How To Make Coca-Cola Fanta and Sprite Candles


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How To Make Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite Candles

Easy tutorial of absolutely incredible Do-It-Yourself candles in the shapes of Cola, Fanta, and Sprite bottles. If you are looking for the best DIY gift idea – you will definitely like my video tutorial. 

Coca-Cola Fanta

These are the materials you need:


  • 11 white candles, 9 for body and 2 to the top
  • 2 wax crayons, one on the other in black coffee
  • 1 bottle of Coke empty, save the label paper
  • 2 nuts or something that is heavy
  • 1 stick of teeth, to hold the wick
  • 1 pot of boiling water to the water bath
  • One pan to melt the wax small
  • One bowl with ice water preferably with ice

orange Fanta:

Candles (3)

11 white candles, 9 for body and 2 to the top
Three wax crayons, 2 oranges and one yellow
other materials as above.


Candles (4)

11 candles white
Three wax crayons green other materials as
above …


Please look at the video tutorial to go guiding generally have to be cut into small pieces the candles along with crayons wax melt in bathroom “Maria” never over direct heat, fill the container carefully and immediately immersed in water frost. Place the wick with nut and toothpick.
Leave to cool your project preferably for at least 6 hours before removing the plastic bottle, the label that you place saved using glue. I consider a project lovely decorative, if you want to burn the candle put a plate down to receive the drops of melted wax and to reuse it in another idea.

Candles (5)

Candles (2)

Watch my video tutorial to understand exactly how to make these Coca-Cola, Fanta and Sprite Candles.
Just a few tips!

Don’t worry when the wax in the bottle will “fall” while cooling – it is normal! Just add hot wax again. It is shown in my video.


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