How to make cocktail umbrellas at low cost

cocktail umbrellas at low cost
Today, we will honor our long summer evenings on the blog. The holidays arrive at great-not, and it’s time to enjoy the barbecue, friends, and colorful aperitifs. To bring a little cheerfulness and exoticism to your table decoration and impress your guests, I propose to make yourself cocktail umbrellas at low cost. These mini-umbrellas will allow to mark each of the glasses and also to slow the melting of the ice in the sun (practical!).
 cocktail umbrellas at low cost
For the occasion, I used very pretty papers printed by Fifi Mandriac , a true fireworks of patterns and colors!
 cocktail umbrellas at low cost
To make your little umbrellas you will need:
Printed papers with origami paper patterns
Skewered peaks
A toothpick
Colored plain papers
Glue and scissors
Download the template
A large round hole punch (3.3cm)
 cocktail umbrellas at low cost
Begin by printing the pattern on the patterned paper directly or on a white sheet if it does not pass through your printer.
Cut out the shape of the parasol and make a circle in the plain paper using the punch. Glue the latter to the center. Mark each of the folds of the parasol (dotted on the template) and glue one of the faces close to the notch. Raise your parasol by placing the last two faces on top of each other. The small hole in the center will serve you to insert there the wooden skewer pick. Fix the set with a glue point on the back of the umbrella.
 cocktail umbrellas at low cost
To dress the top of your parasol, I propose to adorn it with a small pearl also made of paper. Simply cut a very thin strip of plain paper 4 mm wide by about 15 cm long. Using a small toothpick, wrap the sheet on itself and hold the pearl in place with a tip of glue.
 cocktail umbrellas at low costcocktail umbrellas at low cost
Here ! Your mini umbrella is ready to decorate glasses filled with homemade lemonade, to sip very fresh, in the shade of a parasol (a real one!).

cocktail umbrellas at low cost

courtesy: madame-citron

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