How to make coffee bean clock

hours, was born from a great love for coffee and chocolate 🙂
Thus, the coffee and the sweet tooth will need:

– Preparation hours under a coffee cup. My size is about 17 * 22 cm;

– Napkin in a coffee theme + brown or maroon monochrome napkin;

– Clockwork;

– Acrylic primer, varnish, paint brushes;

– Acrylic paint: white, brown;

– paper towels;

– polymer clay;

– Potal and glue Potali;

– satin ribbon;

– coffee beans;

– Melt;

– PVA glue;

– Foil.


I inspect the workpiece, looking for defects and fillings eliminate them. After drying the skin. On my billet was more master ordered 3 small holes on nizu- for greater beauty, decor

мк декупаж

Then, in the course is the ground, I put or render it with a sponge.

часы декупаж

The soil dries very quickly, and check if everything is dry, skin in 20-30 minutes. The next step – applying acrylic paint with a sponge or sponge evenly in 1 or 2 layers with drying. The paint I take in DIY stores: waterborne acrylic for interior use. 0.8-1.0 kg buckets on long enough.

кофейные часы

On my watch, two coats of acrylic paint well dried and now akruratno, without fanaticism hides. We need a perfectly flat, smooth monotonous white surface. The skin initially the average grain size in the end, a smaller, more gentle.

I picked up a napkin here: solid coffee with a small inscription. My billet quarter cloth covers not fully, the handle on the big cup, I rep later.

I’ve found method allows to stick a napkin neatly, without folds or tears. The top layer of paint wipes placed face down on the file and poured a puddle of water. While the water is distributed on a napkin, dabbing her napkin neatly straighten slightly stretched it sideways. The fingertips are helping to do this quickly, but carefully.

Flips the image with a napkin, poured the excess water and face up superimposed on the workpiece. Transparent file allows you to do this exactly, symmetrically, without promashek. Iron palm image, expelling the air and gently begin to lift one of the corners of the file. Napkin should remain in place.

Now comes to the aid of synthetic flat brush and glue. I have it on Tikkurila Kiva. From the center begin to apply the adhesive on a napkin neatly wet cloth tears easily. While drying cloth, accept for the decor. You will need paper – it can be paper towels, single-ply napkins. The lower the grade, the better for weight papier-mache. In the bowl of water I omit the paper, adding PVA and form a mass for molding, pressing out excess water. I sculpt a little heart and coffee beans, 4-5 * 6 cm. With a sharp object on top of the pre-groove do about 1 cm. Hurray winter batteries! They allow to dry preform stuck together for 1-2 days. Do not forget the batteries between the surface and cobbled together a toy put the polyethylene or file and turn the workpiece in the process of drying.

According to my idea in the composition of a small spoonful of delicious chocolate color must be present. Here, I use baking foil as the substrate and polymer clay. Spoon has turned a small, about 10 cm in length. The arm makes a small hole. Polymer Clay knead, make thin “cakes” and harbored a spoonful of foil. Traces vmyatinki and helps hide irregularities toothpick.

Spoon for fixation and drying goes into the oven. My item is baked for 10-15 minutes on low heat.

I decorate gold spoon. Potala Flakes is very convenient. Here in the photo I just started the process of meditation (= bonding flakes). Simultaneously with the crumbs of gold I covered the 4 largest grain of my package. The finished result below!

Heart and coffee beans have time to dry. The recess is glued narrow satin ribbon length of about 1 meter single-layer covering their monochromatic cloth using PVA. Idelno would suit brown cloth background, but I was only a maroon. This is the basis for living a sticker coffee beans. Here is such an intermediate result.

Melt Glue on coffee beans. I start from the top, from the ribbons, in serried ranks.

I finish to make out the very foundations of the clock: the skins of the edge and the surface. Stained brown acrylic ends. Lacquered.

Now you only have to connect all! Clockwork, figures and decorations with ribbons

And the final picture for those who mastered a master class to the end!

Hours turned out as intended, chocolate and coffee! A clock with decorative elements like steel retro watches, clocks 🙂 Thank you!

courtesy: liveinternet

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