How to make a colorful container

Hello everyone, today I want to show you how to make a container that can be used as pen holders, candle holders, or we can put a plant, in short, we can use it in so many ways. Here it is below colorful, but clearly you can do the color you prefer.

Strips of colored paper and glue. To obtain the strips of paper we will use to do before, the maker of the pasta or a mince documents. Now I refer you to post to make the strips (here) and the one to make the wheels of paper (here.).
When we have prepared many wheels of different sizes, we will start the real work.
Need to get a box, I used the one that contained the sausage to form square.


 Let us at least 4 rounds of cardboard and gradually we spend a little more glue


Until obtaining a square like this below. They serve around 4.


To dry the glue and place the roses of paper inside the square.

Arranged so that can be glued together and on the edge of the square.


Above you can see how I arranged.


Then cut into 8 strips of paper, of 1cm and a half wide and the length of your square. Will be used to hold together the square with one another.


In the picture below you can see how you have to do.


I put 4 outside and 4 inside.


I then made under the container by wrapping the strips around a small box and by focusing on four wheels paper.



I gave it a nice touch of slightly elongated glue with water on all the wheels and on the container sides, both above and below, and I did well to dry so that everything became very resistant. I then glued to the bottom of the container. Here it is below finished, I find it very cute and nice.

courtesy: centomilaidee.blogspot

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