How to make a clock

make a clock (2)

Then cut out the contour of office knife. Seridiny, where there will be a photo, vodoimulsionnoy painted with white paint, what was home.

make a clock (4)

and pasted to PVA in the art

In this time frame as decided to try to use the Christmas tree beads, plastic cups did not want to mess around) I wondered how it will look, and away we go ..

Photo cut out also using the same cup as the very form of hours

All photos pasted on the adhesive Titan

and slowly, carefully pasted beads using hot gun.

It turned out this way!

Divorced glitter with white glue to add a holiday, and tinted, which wanted)

The picture is not a pretty sight, but it turned out brilliantly)


Finishing touches in the form of coffee beans and the clock mechanism and clock ready!

make a clock