How to make creative flower garden from bottle

flower garden flower garden

How to make creative flower garden from bottle

Hi all, everyone !!! Long time my country was not all summer, and there was no Internet and there was no craft could not have done in their spare time, I made a vegetable garden here are the flowers.

flower garden (1)

wove cobweb, spider landed tried to decorate it like an old log wall.

flower garden (2)

Different Creative garden designing is available in this article

The base of the flower. If interested, I have the flower in a similar

flower garden (3)
here’s a ball-flowered if it is painted in white color, you get another kind of dandelion

flower garden (4)

but the spider closer gives different look in your garden

flower garden (5)

disassembled trash on the ground and spread out around flowers grass clippings, it was better

flower garden (6)

And here is another flower that’s it, and show how these flowers do 

flower garden (7)

flower garden (8)

flower garden (9)

flower garden (10)

Things you need

We need 24 plastic bottles +1 bottle base I have a bottle of – under the adhesive, 2 green bottles, colored adhesive tape (blue, green and orange), scissors, a screwdriver and a thick twig to the stem.
In 16 bottles must be cut bedplate and paste over all the blue tape. At 8 bottles and cut the bottom of a neck and the middle of a paste over the orange tape and cut into 2 halves. We cut the neck of the blue, but also the middle of a cut in half, as in the photo and each half cut into thin strips before reaching the edge of 3-4cm.

flower garden (11)

The remaining 16 blue necks, they also cut into strips and the ends of the scissors a little twirl.
On one detail flower we need: 1 blue neck, 1 blue and 1 half bottle of orange, but you can do the whole flower monotonous.

flower garden (12)

And we begin to collect the flower, first take the orange half and begin to fold rolls. Please note petals she should be folded outward, not inward.

flower garden (13)

Tighten, and it starts to become blue one-half twist.

flower garden (14)

and the whole roll of the insert into the neck. No glue is not necessary, everything is very durable.

flower garden (15)

turned here is such a flower. Results of these flowers will turn 16 pcs. One upstairs and the other side.

flower garden (16)

Here is a handful then not all

flower garden (17)

For the base, I took a bottle of PVA glue, colored blue. On the cover of the hole made for the trunk.

flower garden (18)

Use the screwdriver to fasten caps on them has tightened flowers.

flower garden (19)

That’s got such a flower, but without the lower series not enough bottles.

flower garden (20)

Now do the leaves a bottle cut into three pieces along and collect the flower, the trunk wrapped in green tape is inserted into the bottle, and dress the leaves from the bottom 

flower garden (21)

And that was not the lone flower has decided to make it . to cut off the neck of the bottle and the bedplate and midway painted in yellow color and also cut into fringe 

flower garden (22)

Putting the tip of the glue rolls and green tape.

flower garden (23)

Take one end of the wire and wrapped with orange tape

flower garden (24)

and inserted into the flower …

flower garden (25)

and until the end of the wire wrapped with green tape.

flower garden (26)

received such little flowers more to do much the same: first the neck at the green bottle, but with a cut mouth, then another the neck, the neck strung one to another hopefully clear written and then glued at the bottom of a bottle of white. I do not remember how attached the core, made in the spring you have to look, and then I’ll write …

flower garden (27) flower garden (28)

While the flower looks like …

flower garden (29)

Now do sepal at the blue flower. Take the green bottle, cut off the bottom of a and cut into 3 parts. Now, each part should be cut fringe, but we should not cut straight and at an acute angle

flower garden (30)

we will put it on the flower

flower garden (31)

that’s ready to go!

flower garden (32)

The result I like After that, I took another two such flower.

In my opinion, it turns out unusual and not immediately possible to understand that it is made out of bottles.

flower garden (33)